"I love to dress up and these pants are my absolute favorite. Every time I wear them I get lots of smiles and complements. I wear them to dance and I feel totally alive!"

-- Anodea Judith, American Author, therapist & public speaker 

"I Love, Love, Love my Una Starr Pants! Not only are they beautiful, they are my Goddess Activation pants!! As soon as I slip into them, I am instantly transported to that place! Seriously, tho.. they are comfortable, sexy, and IN MY SIZE! More please!!!"
--Joy Lynn Okoye, JourneyDance Facilitator & Yoga Teacher

"I love these pants. The designs are adaptable with cuts that are flattering and shaping. I wear them all the time for yoga and dance class and have also dressed them up for more formal events like weddings and dinner parties. Quality pants that are versatile, festive and functional!" 
 ❤ --Thalia Kazakesh, Yoga Instructor

"My Una Starr pants have been worn on so many occasions from a casual walk to meet a friend for coffee to a soul dance class to a holistic health panel I spoke at. These pants make me feel beautiful and fit my body perfectly. They are essentials for anyone (and make a great gift!!!)."
-- Andrea Rodgers, Owner/Founder at Pura Vida Holistic Health Coaching

"I love my Una Starr pants! They fit like a dream and are super comfy- & I also really love the flared leg design- very flattering and fun to wear- thanks so much!"
-- Jen Xerri

"The BEST. Comfort & beauty!!!"
-- Tracy Taylor Connelly

"Sexy, feminine and whimsical, need I say more? Kelley puts her heart and soul into her designs and its beautiful to see it shine through. Comfortable fun fabrics and designs perfect for playing."
-- Barbara Lauket

"Beautiful and original apparel!  Love the designs, fabric and the look! Absolutely stunning!!!"
-- Den Afanasjevs